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QT4-18 Automatic hydraulic block machine FAQ

01 29,2018

Answer of Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) for QT4-18 automatic hydraulic system block machine

1. Why QT4-18 automatic block machine hydraulic system not work?

Answer: a. Check hydraulic station motor rotate direction. If rotate direction not correct, hydraulic system not work.
b. Check if all sensors install? and if sensor install correct, hydraulic system work before all sensors have signal feedback.
c. Before hydraulic system work, you must add correct and enough hydraulic oil

2. How to add hydraulic oil for QT4-18 hydraulic block production line?

Answer: Add 46# wear-resistant hydraulic oil in machine hydraulic oil tank
Need about 450L (Hydraulic oil more than “80” in machine oil displayer).
Fist time hydraulic oil need to change after 6 months later, then 1-2 years change again.
When hydraulic oil temperature near 60 ℃, you must use water cooler on hydraulic station.
The more hydraulic oil you add, the slower temperature increase.

QT4-18 hydraulic block machine

All reduction gears need to add 40# or 50# lubricating oil. First time add lubricating oil, then after 15 days, change new lubricating oil, then change lubricating oil after 3-6 months. Do not forget to add oil in vibration box. Check the oil level vibration box per week. All machine movement parts need to paste lubricating oil.

3. How to install QT4-18 automatic block machine sensors and how to confirm sensor location? (Method same with after change molds how to confirm sensor location)

automatic block making machine sensor

a. Confirm D1 sensor location: Put one pallet on pallet area (Note: This pallet thickness must same with pallet thickness use in future block production), control machine, let mold box down, when mold box touch pallet, then down 5-10mm and keep pallet can not move forward or backward. Now mold box induction metal upside is D1 sensor location.

block machine mould

b. Confirm C1 sensor location: block height add 10-20mm is mold box bottom location.
Now mold box induction metal upside is C1 sensor location.

c. Confirm A1 sensor location: material trolley front top, higher than metal parts, lower than rubber strip top(A area in below picture). This middle location is A1 sensor location

block machine material ratio

d. Confirm B1 sensor location: Start pallet surface, add block height, it is B1 sensor location

e. Adjust material trolley height: Adjust that 4 different place big bolts height, then adjust material trolley system height, but notice keep level. Material trolley platform height should higher 2mm than mold box top surface.

brick machine parts

f. After all those works, choose manual work model, then produce one mold block, then use rule measure brick height. Then fine adjustment A1,B1,C1,D1 sensor location if find somewhere not exactly. If only brick height not exactly, just adjust B1 sensor location.

4. Concrete block easy broken or can not forming?

Answer: a. Check your raw material. Maybe you add too many cement or other material with stickiness, then when feeding material, material can not feed enough into mold box. Here you can change your small stones, cement...material ratio to solve this problem.
b. Check your water ratio.
c. When produce blocks, check if machine head mold arrived correct location, or check your head mold bottom sensor location is correct or not.

5. QT4-18 automatic hydraulic block production line machine concrete foundation drawing and factory area design?

block machine foundation drawing

6. Automatic hydraulic block machine production flow?(QT4-15 full auto block production line as sample)

7. How to operate QT4-18 automatic hydraulic block machine?

Answer: a. Find operation manual in container or ask for in here
b. See QT4-18 block machine operation video

8. For more questions about block machines, please ask expert online here

QT4-18 Automatic hydraulic block machine FAQ

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