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QT8-15 full automatic hydraulic concrete brick machine

QT8-15 is a big production capacity multi function concrete block production line, it can produce different size of hollow block, solid block, standard brick, houdi, habiterra brick, interlocking block, color face paver, paving brick

QT8-15 hydraulic concrete block production line, automatic brick machine

automatic block production line
.concrete brick plant

.Video link(Just click): http://www.giantlinmachinery.com/productshow-15-62-1.html
.QT8-15 big automatic paving brick machine advantage:
1. QT8-15 is a fully automatic PLC with hydraulic system brick machine
This machine no need worker control, easy operation
2. QT8-15 could produce different size and shape hollow block, solid block,
interlocking brick, paving brick, color face paver and curbstones
3. QT8-15 is classical big machine, it could work durable and stably
4. QT8-15 has bigger vibration force and better hydraulic system,
it could produce faster and better quality blocks.
5. Big production capacity.
Max. production capacity: 246CBM standard hollow blocks per 8 hours.
.A: New technology, reduce control arm travel length, increase QT8-15 machine production speed, increase production capacity
.B: This new design could ensure head mold could up and down in level, even if meet small sand and stones, protect machine
.C: Hopper outlet mouth new design, it could avoid material block (vibration could often make material in hopper block)
.D: 4 axle vibration box, it could supply bigger vibration force, make blocks better quality and save cement
.E: Head mold use thicker mold steel, it can use longer time.
QT8-15 automatic paving brick production line introduce:

A QT8-15 Host brick machine
a. Automatic pallet system
b. Automatic material feeding system
B B belong to A,
It is QT8-15 brick machine full automatic PLC controller(Three control cores)
C C belong to A,
It is QT8-15 brick machine hydraulic station
D 8m conveyor-2 layer conveyor
E JS750 Mixer-38.6kw/h; Production capacity: 37.5-42.5cbm/h
F PLD800 2 Warehouse batching machine
G Block receiver-3m
H Stacker-two pallets a time stacker
Optional 2 tons wheel loader; 3 tons forklift
Automatic pallet feeding machine
Optional 50 tons cement silo--Detachable
Cement screw conveyor--8m
Fiber pallet (960-850mm)--1800pcs
Color feeder system
QT8-15 Color feeder machine--Automatic hydraulic machine
Color mixer--1.2m; 7.5kw
3m conveyor
.1. All QT8-15 block machines need to load into 3 or 4 pcs 40HQ container.
.2. QT8-15 block machine also need 1800pcs fiber pallet when produce blocks.
Fiber pallet quality video link: https://youtu.be/a4jlNOkhIFQ
.3. QT8-15 mold changeable.
.4. All matching machines for QT8-15 are all optional
.Automatic pallet feeding machine

.QT8-15 block factory all investment items solution:

Total Power Consumption
(A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,M and pallet feeder machine)
98.5 kw/h; 788 kw/8 hours
Max. Material Consumption Per 8 Hours
a. Concrete: 10% cement, 30% sand; 60% stone powder
b. 400-200-200mm; 2 holes hollow block
Water: about 3994 kgs
Cement: about 19568 kgs
Sand: about 58704 kgs
Stone powder: about 117414 kgs
Factory total size
At least 1800 square meters, at least 4 rooms
5-6 workers in factory
Machine parts information Motor: Shanbo brand (Chinese famous brand)
PLC: Vigor from Taiwan (3 control cores)
Frequency changer: Holip fropm American
Inductor and Switch: CHNT and Schnelder
Warranty One year
.Machine parts quality and detailed photos:
.PLC block machine
QT8-15 block factory production flow:
.cement brick production
1. From block production flow picture, you can see total need 5-6 workers, but if you have wheel loader,
forklift and stacker, it just need 4 workers
2. Raw material proportion for your reference:
a. Concrete: 10% cement, 30% sand, 60% small stones
b. 10% cement, 90% stone powder
c. 10% cement, 30% fly ash, 60% stone powder
3. Water proportion: https://youtu.be/lO6DOabkBYE
.QT8-15 multi function concrete brick production plant technical information:
Molding cycle
Vibration frequency
Vibration force
Rated pressure
Host brick machine size
Net Weight
Pallet size

Different angles to show QT8-15 host brick machine:
.hollow block production plant
QT8-15 different block production capacity introduction:
Block type Size and Production Capacity
Block photo
Hollow block 400-200-200mm
8 pcs/mold
15360 pcs/8 hours

Holland block 200-100-60mm
28 pcs/mold
53760 pcs/8 hours

Zig Zag brick 225-112.5-60mm
21 pcs/mold
40320 pcs/8 hours

I shape paver 200-160-60mm
16 pcs /mold
30720 pcs/8 hours
Block and Paving Brick Design for your reference:
.concrete block
.Feedback from customer who visit factory and check his machine: .
.Automatic Paver Block Making Machine

.concrete block making machine
.Video link about customer feedback: https://youtu.be/kMoHBhlQwc4
.Load container and delivery QT8-15 to customers
.concrete block manufacturing plant
.concrete block forming machine price

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