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QT40-3A Hydraulic egg laying concrete block machine

QT40-3A is a movable egg laying concrete block machine. This machine is hydraulic mobile brick machine, it can produce hollow block, solid bricks.

QT40-3A hydraulic movable concrete hollow block machine, egg laying brick machine

.hydraulic movable brick machine
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.QT40-3A small movable brick machine advantage:
.1. No need pallet, it will reduce budget
.2. Small movable, easy to operation and delivery
.3. Produce different hollow block and solid blocks.

.QT40-3A mobile block machine introduce:
A QT40-3A brick machine
a. No need pallet
b. Need even cement floor
B 1.2m mixer; 7.5kw; Production capacity: 10cbm per hour
C Manual hopper trolley-Optional
D Tools
1. All QT40-3A machines total Vol. is about 12 cbm
2. QT40-3A mold changeable.
3. Raw material proportion for your reference:
a. Concrete: 10% cement, 30% sand, 60% small stones
b. 10% cement, 90% stone powder
c. 10% cement, 30% fly ash, 60% stone powder
4. Water proportion: https://youtu.be/lO6DOabkBYE

.QT40-3A block factory all investment items solution:
Total Power Consumption(A,B)
14.2 kw/h; 113.6 kw/8 hours
Max. Material Consumption Per 8 Hours
a. Concrete: 10% cement, 30% sand; 60% stone powder
b. 400-200-200mm; 2 holes hollow block
Water: about 665 kgs
Cement: about 3261 kgs
Sand: about 9783 kgs
Stone powder: about 19571 kgs
Factory total size
At least 600 sqm even cement floor; 3 rooms
4-5 workers in factory
Machine parts information Motor: Shanbo brand (Chinese famous brand)
Inductor and Switch: CHNT and Schnelder
Warranty One year
.QT40-3A multi function concrete brick production plant technical information:
Molding cycle
Vibration frequency
Vibration force
Normal using life: 1-2 years
Host brick machine size
Net Weight
Host machine power 6.7kw

Different angles to show QT40-3A host brick machine:
.movable block machine
.Block and Paving Brick Design for your reference:
.concrete hollow block

QT40-3A different block production capacity introduction:
Block type Size and Production Capacity
Block photo
Hollow block 400-200-200mm
4 pcs/mold
2880 pcs/8 hours

Hollow block and solid block are all ok.
QT40-3A movable block machine can not produce block height lower than 180mm

Reason why movable block machine can not produce block height lower than 180mm?
.mobile block machine
.Feedback from customer who visit factory and check his machine:
.brick machine customer
.Video link about customer feedback: https://youtu.be/kMoHBhlQwc4
.Notice before you use QT40-3A movable cement block machine:
.small egg laying brick machine
.QT40-3A small concrete block making machine in our factory:
.concrete hollow block machine

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